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Hi I'm Jordana and I like hot girls no homo but.





true love is having a crush on him even after he got a haircut

the female mind is a very strange place.

No one’s denying it

most accurate textpost i’ve ever seen

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tell me im skinny and hot as you feed me my seventh donut

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dont you dare make fun of people who are starting to experiment with makeup because of course they might stuff up a couple times and maybe their eyebrows are weird today or their blush is too obvious dONT MAKE FUN OF THEM BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY THOUGHT THEY LOOKED GOOD TODAY AND THEY’LL LEARN JUST LIKE YOU DID 

feel free to point them in the right direction if they ask for advice or bring up the conversation but JUST KEEP IT TO URSELF ALRIGHT

this has been a psa

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Playing Flappy Bird:
“Alright last game” *dies*
“Alright last game” *dies*
“Alright last game” *dies*
“Alright last game” *dies*

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if you have nothing good to say say it

i hate stuart little and i don;t think he deserved 3 movies

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*Majors in photography so I can take decent selfies*

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There is never a bad time to listen to arctic monkeys. walking to class sadly? arctic monkeys. feeling lonely and unattractive? arctic monkeys. getting undressed for bed? surprise you’re now doing a strip tease. this is the power of the monkeys 

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you’re important to me you piece of shit

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